Fish Out Of Water;Griz sneaks past security@The CommonWealth Club

Who let this guy in here?
Can only imagine the look on security’s face when Griz, the walking encyclopedia of all things scientific and ephemerical, took the stage @ The CommonWealth Club’s monthly? symposium..
Look and find out…Like pushing a rope…

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  1. Note the obsessive fingernail cleaning….

  2. Very sorry to leave this here; I couldn’t find a contact e-mail for you.

    My name is Jared and I’m with We’d like to give you $50 to link to our SF pages. Please give me a call back at (800) 450-7805×106 or e-mail me at to get a hold of me.

    Thanks very much!

  3. Solution: Instead of relying on distributors to sell your craft beer, sell it yourself and do all the work, instead of relying on others. Then you will probably realize that the “Buds and the Millers and Coors” are not dominating the shelfs and the sets. But that it is the retailers that refuse to pay high dollars for products that although great, dont return a profit for them in a timely manner.

  4. Your monologue on homebrewing as relaxation and sharing a beer with your Dad was fantastic… too bad that guy just cut you off.

  5. While Dark Knight Rises , International Olympic Athlete Touches down ready for the Big Competition |

  6. Jone’s is legit. He is just getting started. Young. Not even fully developed skills & already he wrecked all the old schools. I think Evan’s has always been COCKY & that’s why Machida wrecked him. He almost killed himself after he lost to Machida. It was a STFU in your face wake up call and now he’s bashing the sport & Jones. ENough is enough. Sore loser at best.

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