SF Brewcraft Summer Newsletter III(pt2)

Everyday is a Good Day for Wine Equipment
Anybody with perplexing wine problems or questions please address your questions to Tucker online including your phone number and he will either write you an answer or call you up. While we’re on wine, the prices of wine equipment have gone up quite a bit because the Euro is really high against the dollar and most of the wine equipment comes from Portugal or Italy.
We now have in stock two brand new motorized stemmer/crushers that we are asking $450.00 for. During the wine season these will cost $600.00 plus. We also have one manual stemmer/crusher suitable for small wine crushes(1000lbs of grapes or less) for $300.00. These will go up in price by Aug 20th.
For you wine makers out there, we have both Lalvin and Red Star wine yeast and all the wine making chemicals, acid test kits, SO4 titration kits, refracto meters, etc. Remember to start getting ready now for the season because once it starts sometimes it’s to late. Be sure to call or email Tucker with any questions.
We have gotten the wine vinegar mothers back in stock and they are $10.50 for a little chunk of mother if you excuse the expression.

Anybody that comes in and talks to Eric with an Italian, New Jersey or Rhode Island accent will get 10% off their order.

Bon Voyage
This is a big congratulations for Griz’s life long friend Steven Schain who just retired from 30 years of being an outstanding and influential English teacher in Durango Colorado. Steven, I Love Ya. Enjoy your retirement.

The new employee of the month here is Andre Sanchez. You will recognize him when you come in. He’s the big teddy bear who I think looks like Bluto. Andre is truly one of the nice guys in the world even if he is a total mess.

Recipe of the Month
In the spirit of the Dog Day’s of Summer, on those afternoons when nothing can be more pleasing and stimulating than a “nooner” or also called an “afternoon delight”, we offer Andre’s Libido Ale, a beer that is sure to stimulate your erotic yearnings. Drink one before you start and one after your finished, then do it again (if you catch our drift).

“Andre’s Libido Ale”

* 5lbs Dry wheat malt extract
* 2lbs Belgian 2 row
* 1/2lb Oats
* 1lb Honey (not included)
* 1tsp fennel seed
* 1oz Styrian Golding
* 1oz Saaz
* 1pkg Nottingham dry yeast/ one vial California Ale liquid yeast

This beer is best drunk ice cold and has a slight hint of licorice flavor (caused by the fennel seed) which sweetens the breath and cleanses the mouth.
Further directions will be included with the recipe.

Your Thoughts
Anybody that has a desire to join our blog and wants to comment or start your own string, the blog hyperlink is at the left hand side of our web page.

We wish you all a very happy and fun summer. Enjoy it!
The Crew

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Vive le Tour!

The Tour is taking a beating right now. All hyped up, fans around the world. How disappointed we all are that the participants of the biggest cycling event are cheating like all the rest of the sporting universe. The moral barometer is set to Cycling right now. Every year the biggest news of cycling comes out right before, during, or just after the Tour de France.

Right now the knee jerk reaction is to cancel the tour forever. Sounds reasonable enough. Can we scrap Major League Baseball? Track & Field was good enough for the Romans but after all these cheating athletes we decided it was bad for society, cancel the programs. Use that money on prison construction, we need to think about the future.

Can we really just ban the NBA and NFL on account of violence instead? Violent crimes, domestic problems, they have it ll covered. How about the current dog training news. Hey Junior, there’s the guy you came to see, and it looks like he brought his dog so watch out. When our heros (Dan Quayle spelling) start behaving like heroes we can start worshipping them. For now just be glad we all have the luxury of filling our thoughts with all this information. Every breath of air means you stay alive just a little bit longer…..to cheat!

Next year a lot of these cyclists will be free agents and their names may be tarnished because of these recent events. What will happen? Who knows, right now we finish out the race.

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SF Brewcraft Summer Newsletter III(pt1)

San Francisco BrewCraft Newsletter III

Fasten your seatbelts; we have a lot of ground to cover here.

First off, Welcome to the Dog Days of Summer.
This time of year is really a good time to brew for some people and not so good for others (mainly because of the heat).
Further on we will offer a recipe that might be suitable to brew now.

Keg System Winner
We would like to congratulate Dave who won the kegging system by guessing a weight of 396lbs and 3oz. The highest guess was 656lbs and the lowest guess was 181lbs just to show you the range.

Pub Crawl Planning
In the last news letter we mentioned organizing a pub crawl here in San Francisco and possibly a 3 day beer excursion to Portland Oregon and had an overwhelmingly positive response. So because of this we have to reorganize our plans for a larger scale.
Not to worry everything’s in the planning stage and we will keep you posted. We are going to be talking with the Green Tortoise Bus line to rent the bus for the Portland trip and we will be limited to 20-30 people. More about that when the plans get solidified.

We will be having another giveaway soon and the first prize will be a seat on the Portland bus with all expenses paid. So be sure to stay tuned for more details.

Help Us Help You
We might just have some of the best customers in the bay area with the exception of a few sour heads. We are trying to figure out better ways to serve you in a timely and efficient manner. Towards this end we have come up with a plan to try and increase
ordering on the internet. As some or all of you already know it really gets busy on the weekends and sometimes it takes us a while to get to your order. One way we could alleviate some of this jam is for you the customer to order early over the net for store pickup. In other words you could place your order online a day or two ahead of time and put on the order ‘For Store Pickup’ and we will have the order waiting for you. As an incentive for folks to start doing this, for the rest of July and all of August every tenth recipe will be given away for free. It is our hope that this makes your experience here more pleasant.
While we’re on the present subject, it is our fervent desire to provide you with all the brewing info and advice and opinion that we can. On the weekends we don’t have a lot of time to spend on this so if you have a particular technical or brewing problem and want to discuss this, the best time is other than the weekend.
On Saturday and Sunday, because everybody is shooting questions at Griz, he tends to get a little short and hates himself for this and makes Barbara beat him with his rosary.

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Fun With Fire

Thank you Crucible for an amazing Fire Arts showcase. The big annual fundraiser for the Crucible was held the past four days in Oakland. In a parking lot. With a dizzying array of fire-themed artwork. And a Fire Odyssey, their interpretation of Homer’s Odyssey, with more fire than the original. In this version, half of Oakland’s fire department was in the extended cast, hanging around waiting for a cue that never came. Call them the understudies.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the Crucible teaching skills that can provide a career or a hobby or both. Welding and torch skills are more fun and are captivating in ways that words are invented after the fact to describe.

Fire, and the keeper of the flame, are built in to our DNA at this point. Mushrooms have been used to keep the flame and so have diligent peoples. Staring at and enjoying a fire, or anything burning, is something our ancestors appreciated. How could they not? No television, no radio, no telephone. Can we all keep in mind that all of these pieces of electronics have come along only very very recently in human evolution?

Humans are generally 50 years behind technology. Right now no one truly understands how to operate with a phone up to the side of their head, nor do they understand how to drive and search for the proper song on the radio. Simultaneously masturbating and …….. yeah you make up the rest.

I love the fire. You love the fire. Your kids love the fire. We All Love The Fire! The Crucible!!!!!

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Hello George

Did you know that Barry Bonds wipes himself with his right hand? He also did some lines off a woman’s chest about 20 years ago. He was a priest in a previous life too. It’s all true, all obsessive, all distracting, all bogus, All Barry All the time All Star. There was a poll in the Chronicle asking who cared. Why is everyone required to be a baseball historian now? Why does the Tour de France get a straight off the wire story on the last page after 6 PAGES of Barrybaseballmania? The Tour lasts 3 weeks out of the whole year. Baseball teams play 162 games per season. The home run hype has been going on for well over a month already and the tour is into its second week.

Is it possible there might be some other stories out there in the world of sports worth reporting on? Does any athletic event require such an advance amount of attention? Is it possible to avoid other less comfortable thoughts by devoting 162 games per season to one team? There are plenty of sports to choose from too, and the seasons overlap so while one league is in playoffs the other one is just ramping up. Then there are all the other teams in those different leagues. To pay attention to all that takes quite a bit of time, even to remain poorly informed.

All this sports obsession has created our current culture of worshipping athletes as modern-day heroes and
one particular public policy that really doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Three Strikes laws. Works in baseball, but in the court system it is insanely simplistic reasoning.

Rumor has it there is a war raging, somewhere. Read a little about it in articles hidden behind the classifieds. Seems one set of elected folks still like the war and the other set don’t like it but keeps giving our money to it. Yup yup yup. BACK TO SPORTS!

If we polled the general citizenry as to what comes to mind when hearing the words “Hail Mary,” what might the results be? “Grand Slam,” sports or meal? “Double dribble,” basketball or sex? “On deck.” Anybody wanna go kick a futbol around?

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Maillot Jaune

Well we are into July and for much of Europe and beyond that means….Tour de France. The race is well under way and plenty has happened so far. In a three week race every day is an individual race, often with a rider from the area being ridden through winning the days stage.

Winning the entire event is not on the minds of very many of the riders. Paris is a long way off and anything can happen between now and then. Survival is the only thing on most minds. The Tour has been called a game of attrition, and the ones left after three weeks deserve an enormous amount of respect for simply surviving.

Winning the yellow jersey is only one aspect of bicycle racing. There is a jersey for the King of the Mountains, a sprinters jersey, one for best young rider, and an award for finishing last. Coming in last truly epitomizes survival, as many riders do not finish the race. At least the last place finisher finished!

Some time in the next two and a half weeks raise your glass of beer and toast towards France for the riders in Le Tour de France.

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Beer Panic

Riots in Mexico, uproar in Germany, what is going on? So much attention is suddenly being given to the production of ethanol as a substitute for gasoline that corn is being taken out of the food supply and used as a source for fuel.

In Germany, the barley fields are being ripped up and replaced with corn. Less available barley means higher prices and that translates to higher prices to produce the beer, and beer prices increase. Beer is such an important part of German culture that an increase in the cost means the populace is unhappy. This creates a great irony, drink OR drive?

In Mexico, the use of corn as a fuel source means that the most common staple in the country, tortillas, is in short supply. The ethanol doesn’t stay in the country, it is shipped north to the U.S. With so many people in the world starving, it is mighty selfish to be using corn as fuel instead of food.

It is time to examine our lifestyles and make some adjustments. There is no silver bullet solution to energy needs, there are many and varied solutions. Walk, skateboard, carpool, ride a bicycle, consume less. Hardly radical talk, and some pretty simple solutions can be applied to your lifestyle in order to decrease your overall consumption.

Thank you Al Gore for finally bringing this topic to a wider audience.

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