Burning Man Hopless Absinthe Ale Recipe!

That’s right folks, be sure to click here to see the newest recipe, “Burning Man Hopless Absinthe Ale” This is a special NO HOPS ale is made with Lavender, a touch of star anise, and your truly, wormwood. Make this brew now, to have it ready in time for the Burning Man Festival!

Burning Man Hopless Absinthe Ale – Recipe

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Telluride Blues and Brew Fest

Hey out there. My friend and I would completely love to go to the Telluride Blues and Brews Fest but it seems like it would cost an arm and a leg for gas. So we thought maybe we would see if anybody else is having the same thoughts and maybe we could get together and rent an 8 passenger van and split up the cost of gas. Seems like it would run a little over 100 dollars a piece with the rental. It would be a blast. Let us know.

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“Rye Not” Summer Rye Pale Ale

“Rye Not” Summer Rye Pale Ale

Hey Folks. Check out the newest beer to our roster. “Rye Not Summer Pale Ale”
The perfect summer beer with an added kick. Do it to it! Keep checking back to this section for new brews.

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