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Get “er Dunn!

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Generally speaking there are two styles of homebrewers, those who brew the same beer again and again until they get it right. And those who brew a different style of beer for every batch.

Brewing a different style every time is great fun, and allows you to search around homebrewing as a hobby. You also learn a lot about culture and history, as each style developed in a different geographical location and at different points throughout history. Every style has its specific water and specific hop availability and acclimated yeast. Producing any of these beers in your own home is a very rewarding experience.

When bearing down on a specific beverage for your own personal environment, all of these factors come into play and, in small quantities some can make huge differences and take time to figure out. Eventually you tweak your recipe to be perfect for your situation. Brewing the same beer again and again and producing it with some consistency takes some knowledge and experience and a whole lot of fun.

One of the most common questions we hear and generally the most difficult to answer is the question of yeast differences. All yeasts will be different in some way(s). Whether or not YOU can tell the difference is ultimately a matter of your own palate.

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