Olympic Tip of the Week

Check the spigot on your primary fermenter with a little extra water before each use in order to make sure it doesn’t leak. Leaks are the cause of great consternation and in almost all cases are avoidable.

The plastic spigot consists of three pieces: spigot, gasket, nut. Probably you are so spoiled by the internet that you think a graphic should accompany this text. No chance, you have to use your own imagination. The spigot is a plastic somewhat phallic tube, the gasket is a rubber, and the nut is….come now, you can fill in that blank!

If your spigot does leak, please contact the poison control center nearest you. Or, more specifically, remove contact lenses, take off contaminated clothing, sip a glass of water if able to swallow, and induce vomiting if comfortable. If male, have your prostate checked, if not, don’t.

If you get wet and sticky in some future fermentation mishap, enjoy yourself!!!

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