Blow Off Tube

A quick reminder that the warmer summer temperatures make for faster fermentations. If your yeast burns through the primary fermentation and then stops, don’t be alarmed. It is perfectly normal at this time of year and will be for a couple more months.

Because of these fast fermentations you may need a blow-off tube on your primary regardless of the style of beer brewed. Please be sure to be around for the first 2-3 days of your primary fermentation. If you brew a beer and then take off for a few days and come home to a blown lid then you have a bigger mess on your hands than coming home from work and finding a freshly blown lid from a vigorous fermentation.

Just keep a close eye on all your beers while the temperatures are warmer. And if your primary shares space with all your clothing in your closet then Please keep close tabs on it. A sugary explosion all over your clothes is no fun to clean up.

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