Instant Bartender, Just Add Water

Sparkling Water on a homebrew blog? What? Yes yes, for anyone with a kegging system, or for anyone contemplating a kegging system. Or if you are trying to keep some plastic water bottles out of the landfill. Jacking some CO2 into a keg is about the easiest thing to accomplish that falls under the “homebrew” umbrella. And it’s good for the ego. Everyone will think you are a genius.

If ever you needed to sell your significant other on ramping up your hobby to include kegs, this is the way to do it. Five gallons of sparkling water on hand saves an awful lot of plastic and the bottles that are already around can be filled and carted off to work, the gym, the car, wherever the keg cannot go easily. The thing to do is have one keg dedicated to the water and refill it immediately once empty.

One of the fun things about kegging your own homebrew and having CO2 at your disposal is that you quickly realize there is no limit to carbonated beverages. Creating your own sparkling water is the first, easiest, and most practical step. After beer of course.

How about carbonated iced coffee for the summer? Wine coolers? Green tea? Without getting too carried away, having carbonated water on hand also creates endless mixing possibilities. Any and every fruit juice combines well with it, as does vodka, gin, and a lot of other liquids.

Why have one keg when you can have two? Why stop at two when you can have three? Do it to it, stainless steel never goes out of style.

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