The Jints

Went to see the Giants tonight. They have it all figured out. In between batters and innings there is always a song appropriate for the moment, mostly songs from the rock world. If you polled the general public to see how many AC/DC fans there were, what do you think the percentage would be? Go to a Giants game and they are blaring out the AC/DC at everybody.

What is AC/DC’s favorite beer? Do they really drink Foster’s at home or do they drink Young’s Ales from England? 300 days on the road for 20 years, maybe they don’t even drink anymore.

Somebody knows the answer to this question. Joey D, the Human Trivia Machine? Joe O’Keefe? Joey Oey? Someone somewhere is playing Van Halen right now! Believe it.

Yea to the Giants. Beer is $8.25 per plastic cup. Sorry Walter. At that rate, you could buy the recommended half glass kit to brew your own beer at home for the cost of 12 cups, not counting tips for the beer or tax on the kit. Barry Bonds! I need the ball breaking record breaking ball.

Please support your local baseball team, futbol team, hockey team, basketball, badminton, brewers, all the b sports. Please support your local musicians, dancers, theatres, artists, merchants.

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