Vive le Tour!

The Tour is taking a beating right now. All hyped up, fans around the world. How disappointed we all are that the participants of the biggest cycling event are cheating like all the rest of the sporting universe. The moral barometer is set to Cycling right now. Every year the biggest news of cycling comes out right before, during, or just after the Tour de France.

Right now the knee jerk reaction is to cancel the tour forever. Sounds reasonable enough. Can we scrap Major League Baseball? Track & Field was good enough for the Romans but after all these cheating athletes we decided it was bad for society, cancel the programs. Use that money on prison construction, we need to think about the future.

Can we really just ban the NBA and NFL on account of violence instead? Violent crimes, domestic problems, they have it ll covered. How about the current dog training news. Hey Junior, there’s the guy you came to see, and it looks like he brought his dog so watch out. When our heros (Dan Quayle spelling) start behaving like heroes we can start worshipping them. For now just be glad we all have the luxury of filling our thoughts with all this information. Every breath of air means you stay alive just a little bit longer… cheat!

Next year a lot of these cyclists will be free agents and their names may be tarnished because of these recent events. What will happen? Who knows, right now we finish out the race.

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