Fun With Fire

Thank you Crucible for an amazing Fire Arts showcase. The big annual fundraiser for the Crucible was held the past four days in Oakland. In a parking lot. With a dizzying array of fire-themed artwork. And a Fire Odyssey, their interpretation of Homer’s Odyssey, with more fire than the original. In this version, half of Oakland’s fire department was in the extended cast, hanging around waiting for a cue that never came. Call them the understudies.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the Crucible teaching skills that can provide a career or a hobby or both. Welding and torch skills are more fun and are captivating in ways that words are invented after the fact to describe.

Fire, and the keeper of the flame, are built in to our DNA at this point. Mushrooms have been used to keep the flame and so have diligent peoples. Staring at and enjoying a fire, or anything burning, is something our ancestors appreciated. How could they not? No television, no radio, no telephone. Can we all keep in mind that all of these pieces of electronics have come along only very very recently in human evolution?

Humans are generally 50 years behind technology. Right now no one truly understands how to operate with a phone up to the side of their head, nor do they understand how to drive and search for the proper song on the radio. Simultaneously masturbating and …….. yeah you make up the rest.

I love the fire. You love the fire. Your kids love the fire. We All Love The Fire! The Crucible!!!!!

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