Hello George

Did you know that Barry Bonds wipes himself with his right hand? He also did some lines off a woman’s chest about 20 years ago. He was a priest in a previous life too. It’s all true, all obsessive, all distracting, all bogus, All Barry All the time All Star. There was a poll in the Chronicle asking who cared. Why is everyone required to be a baseball historian now? Why does the Tour de France get a straight off the wire story on the last page after 6 PAGES of Barrybaseballmania? The Tour lasts 3 weeks out of the whole year. Baseball teams play 162 games per season. The home run hype has been going on for well over a month already and the tour is into its second week.

Is it possible there might be some other stories out there in the world of sports worth reporting on? Does any athletic event require such an advance amount of attention? Is it possible to avoid other less comfortable thoughts by devoting 162 games per season to one team? There are plenty of sports to choose from too, and the seasons overlap so while one league is in playoffs the other one is just ramping up. Then there are all the other teams in those different leagues. To pay attention to all that takes quite a bit of time, even to remain poorly informed.

All this sports obsession has created our current culture of worshipping athletes as modern-day heroes and
one particular public policy that really doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. Three Strikes laws. Works in baseball, but in the court system it is insanely simplistic reasoning.

Rumor has it there is a war raging, somewhere. Read a little about it in articles hidden behind the classifieds. Seems one set of elected folks still like the war and the other set don’t like it but keeps giving our money to it. Yup yup yup. BACK TO SPORTS!

If we polled the general citizenry as to what comes to mind when hearing the words “Hail Mary,” what might the results be? “Grand Slam,” sports or meal? “Double dribble,” basketball or sex? “On deck.” Anybody wanna go kick a futbol around?

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