Maillot Jaune

Well we are into July and for much of Europe and beyond that means….Tour de France. The race is well under way and plenty has happened so far. In a three week race every day is an individual race, often with a rider from the area being ridden through winning the days stage.

Winning the entire event is not on the minds of very many of the riders. Paris is a long way off and anything can happen between now and then. Survival is the only thing on most minds. The Tour has been called a game of attrition, and the ones left after three weeks deserve an enormous amount of respect for simply surviving.

Winning the yellow jersey is only one aspect of bicycle racing. There is a jersey for the King of the Mountains, a sprinters jersey, one for best young rider, and an award for finishing last. Coming in last truly epitomizes survival, as many riders do not finish the race. At least the last place finisher finished!

Some time in the next two and a half weeks raise your glass of beer and toast towards France for the riders in Le Tour de France.

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