Beer Panic

Riots in Mexico, uproar in Germany, what is going on? So much attention is suddenly being given to the production of ethanol as a substitute for gasoline that corn is being taken out of the food supply and used as a source for fuel.

In Germany, the barley fields are being ripped up and replaced with corn. Less available barley means higher prices and that translates to higher prices to produce the beer, and beer prices increase. Beer is such an important part of German culture that an increase in the cost means the populace is unhappy. This creates a great irony, drink OR drive?

In Mexico, the use of corn as a fuel source means that the most common staple in the country, tortillas, is in short supply. The ethanol doesn’t stay in the country, it is shipped north to the U.S. With so many people in the world starving, it is mighty selfish to be using corn as fuel instead of food.

It is time to examine our lifestyles and make some adjustments. There is no silver bullet solution to energy needs, there are many and varied solutions. Walk, skateboard, carpool, ride a bicycle, consume less. Hardly radical talk, and some pretty simple solutions can be applied to your lifestyle in order to decrease your overall consumption.

Thank you Al Gore for finally bringing this topic to a wider audience.

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