Dyke March

Hopefully everyone had a chance to check out the Dyke March yesterday. It is really one of the coolest events of the year in San Francisco and still one of the lesser known.

The best sign was on the back of a little red wagon and read “I Love My 2 Mommies.” That one brought tears to my eyes. One row of women held a banner containing a single word, “IMPEACH.” They also had the letters written on the tops of their parasols so the message could be clearly seen from in front, behind, and overhead. The children’s swimming pool filled with young adults with “Wet 4 Dykes” written in lipstick across their backs was fun and silly and set on the sidewalk by 18th and Guerrero. A children’s pool on the sidewalk is a rare sight on a city street!

It is hard to put into words why the Dyke March is so cool. It is an event that hits everyone in a different way so it comes down to being a complicated answer based on personal experience. In many ways it is an emotional response first, with the logic and words necessary to attempt to describe it coming later. It only comes around once a year so if you missed it this year make a point to go next year.

The day of the march is all about the dykes. The rally now lasts a few hours, with speakers, bands, and other performers. It is amazing to think how fast this country has changed in terms of gay acceptance. It took so much longer for women to gain the privilege of voting, or for people of African descent to be treated equally, or to bring on the 8 hour workday and get children out of the factories. Citizens have died to win their rights and make a better future for everyone who comes along after them, and in this climate of polarized opinions it is important to remember that democracy is an experiment in which we are all participants and will never be “perfect.” This is all the more reason to stay involved!

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