Wandering Jew

Will the inattentive populace be further confused now that Ed Jew is in the news? After China he visited the West Bank, didn’t see that in the news. Perhaps the name should be changed for a little while to “The Nightly Jews” and we can have full on reality tv segments of Ed Jew showering at work, tirelessly advocating for his constituency, and sleeping….somewhere.

Is Jew sensitive to the plight of the Jews? Will he address the complexities of modern Jewish life? How many Jews supported Jew during his run for office? Does he incorporate flowers into his own life or does he sell them in order to beautify others’ homes? Does he place them in his own home(s)?

Does Ed Jew brew? Managing water flow is a component of brewing. Ask any of the back-to-the-landers about brewing away from the source. They’ll tell you about pumping it in, or some very long hoses with attachments. The Jew Brew is presumably made with genuine San Francisco Hetch Hetchy water with, for some inexplicable reason, chloramine added. Nice stable chloramine.

Why is chloramine added to San Francisco water? Chloramine will kill fish in an aquarium so why is it in our drinking water and we are told it is safe? Can Supervisor Jew help us have it removed from our water supply?

There is a huge aquifer under Palestine that is siphoned off to Israel, is it treated with any chemicals along the way, or is it used “al dente?”

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