Summer Solstice Newsletter II

Recipe Of The Month(Fat Tire Style Ale)

”Too Many Pork Chop” Amber Ale
Partial Mash:

* 6 1/2lbs Malt Extract
* 1 1/2lbs Munich Malt
* 1/2lb Belgian Special B
* 1/4lb Oats
* 1 oz Northern Brewer Hops
* 1 oz Willamette Hops
* White Labs Belgian Ale Yeast
* 1/2 oz Coriander Seed

We also have an all grain version.
This is a mellow Belgian style ale that would be good with Bar-B-Que and watching fireworks or up on a mountain top contemplating your navel. You might wonder why it’s called ”Too many pork chop” amber ale. Come on into the store and I’ll tell you the story if you ask.

Brewing Tip
During the hot summer months, you don’t want the ambient temperature in your brewing room to get much hotter than 75F. Here is an inexpensive way to keep your beer between 68F-72F. Go to your local hardware store or home depot and buy a cheap tub(5$-$8). Place your fermentor in the tub of water. Now get an old beach towel wrap it around the fermentor position the towel in such a way that one corner of the towel is wicked in the water. That’s all there is to it. The way it works is just like an evaporative cooler. The towel through capillary action will get wet and as the water evaporates it will cool your fermentor. All you have to do is replenish the water once or twice a day. Any questions call Griz.

Another Beer Recipe
Here is a suggestion for a great refreshing summer ale that was given to me by a friend brewer at Rogue Brewing Company. This beer is called Chamo-mellow. The recipe is as follows:

* 5lbs Dry Pale Extract
* 2lbs Vienna Malt
* 1/2lb Oats
* 1oz Hallertau Hersbrucker Hops
* White Labs California IV Ale or Nottingham dry yeast
* 1/4lb Fresh Chamomile

This beer is put together just like any other beer with the addition of 1 pint of fresh brewed strong chamomile tea added to the secondary fermentor, super easy to do. Call Griz for the details. This beer will make you horny and sleepy at the same time. You won’t know to shit or go blind.

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