Ed Jew’s Surrender Brew

Ed Jew surrendered to the police today and was released on $135,000 bail. His lawyer is correct when he says that he has seen drug dealers treated with more respect than Mr. Jew. Make that one of his lawyers, there appear to be two different lawyers working on Ed Jew’s many problems.

First off he is being asked to submit more information proving his residency in the district he was elected to represent in San Francisco, because on the surface it appears he lives elsewhere. He is also under investigation for allegedly accepting cash in exchange for helping some businessmen obtain permits from the city. At least that is the speculation, as the FBI never discloses information regarding ongoing investigations.

He now has two days to comply with the request to prove his residency, and if he can clear that up he can sit back and relax and wait to see if the FBI files any charges. Good luck Ed!

As a side note, there is a movement to recall Supervisor Jake McGoldrick because he supported closure of a short stretch of road in Golden Gate Park on Saturdays. Imagine if the recall crowd lived in Supervisor Jew’s district…

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Stop & Go

How has it come to pass that drivers in California stop first before turning on their directionals? Hazards, blinkers, flashers, turn signals. Everyone has a favorite name for this standard piece of automobile equipment. Rather low tech in this world of heated side mirrors and trunk cd players, or the heating systems built into seats that have options on them like Barcaloungers. What’s with televisions and dvd players inside cars? Is it impossible for passengers to be entertained by watching the world go by on the other side of the glass? Or talking to each other? Socializing is an important lesson for kids to learn, and they seem to be the target audience for all the video in the cars. Some of them even listen in headphones to the dvd players as the car moves, now there is some technology at work! Hook’em young will never go out of style.

Signalling which direction you plan to go seems like a pretty simple common courtesy. Nobody wants their car to be plowed into from behind, so why not let them know where you are going? Have some unresolved grudge against them? Trying to contribute just a little to someone’s future road rage episode? It is also common to hear the word “hate” used by complaining drivers. Hate is a strong word, maybe driving is inherently negative to the human spirit. How often does anyone feel love for their fellow drivers?

Included in the driver’s education booklet when I first learned to drive was a question on what distance before a turn the signal should be activated. The correct answer was 200 feet. The answer “Stop first, then signal” was not correct. I would like to point out this doesn’t apply to confused tourists or anyone unfamiliar with driving in Northern California. Everyday drivers in the Bay Area employ the technique, and sometimes a slight variation when no stop is involved, which is to turn the signal on with the same motion of the hands while beginning to negotiate the turn. If the vehicle is actively turning, the signal is unnecessary.

Driving styles develop differently in different regions and this particular blinker usage is interesting. How did it become generally accepted practice?

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Summer Solstice Newsletter I

Happy Summer To One And All from S.F. Brewcraft!

We wish for you to enjoy the fruits of adventure and freedom that the spirit of summer provides.
Another reminder this is the absolute last chance you have to brew for Burning Man. Also don’t procrastinate. Start on your fall, winter and holiday ales as soon as possible so they will be ready in time. If you need some ideas call or stop in the store.

Most of you regular customers either know or have seen our own Rev Jackson (the guy with the dreadlocks down to the floor). We are very sorry to say that he is now brewing full time for Pizza Orgasmica. Our loss will definitely be their gain. We will sincerely miss his spirit and expertise. He was and will remain one of our very best friends. Head on down to Pizza Orgasmica and try his great beers and eat some of their great pizza.

While we’re on this subject, when you come into the shop tell us about your favorite brewpub grub and in particular we would like to hear about brewpubs with patios. If you give us any hot tips we will mention it in the next newsletter and give you credit for the tip. Plus we’ll give you a 5% discount on your order.

Remember the drawing for the complete kegging system will be on July 12th so you still have plenty of time to come in and put in your guess on Griz’s weight. No purchase necessary, one chance per visit.

For all you folks that are curious about all-grain brewing, Eric has already completed a successful class and we are writing this newsletter on June 6th and we will be having another all grain brewing session tomorrow, June 7th. More are scheduled in the very near future. Let us know if you have any interest in all grain brewing. The way we are going to run these sessions is as follows: the night before the actual brew, we will have an introductory session that will last about 45 minutes and we will give you an overall picture and introduction to all grain brewing. The next day we will actually brew a 10 gallon batch and rather than you watch you will participate and help with the brew. We have found this is the best and clearest way to learn all grain brewing. We can tell you that all grain brewing really is not all that complicated. It has more to do with technique than volumes of arcane knowledge. The point being it is way less complicated than you think it is and nothing to be afraid of.

We are trying to improve our service to our customers so we really need to know what you’re suggestions are to us accomplish this. So don’t be afraid to give us suggestions(be gentle). Let us know what you’re needs are.

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