Mr. Green Jeans

The Green Revolution is upon us. Green is the new black. Green Green Green. The UCSF Medical Center had an Earth Fest today coinciding with Bike To Work Day. Everyone was out learning about nature and how to reconnect with nature and leave a smaller ecological footprint. My grandparents didn’t say “ecological footprint.” Start the revolution, plant a tree. Or a garden, or ride a bicycle, or brew your own beer. Spent grains make great compost after you reconnect with a ritual as old as agrarian civilization.

Who will win Gavin Newsom’s bicycle? Helmet included, complete with hair gel. The Mayor has been a fan of bicycling for a long time now and has participated in the annual Bike To Work Day and bicycle he rode today is being raffled off to help raise enough money to chase those two whales out of Sacramento. Sac should be used to overweight tourists by now!

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