Conan the Revbarien

Conan O’Brien is in town and ate at Pizza Orgasmica and sampled the beers and loved them All. Go Rev!

Conan moonwalked into the kitchen whilst rattling away on a cellphone call. Ooh I’m very important, watch me talk on my phone. And moonwalk! Gavin & Conan were later seen walking into the n Cafe in the Casstro. So n they’re out.

Revman the Conbarian

Photo of Bill Clinton on the wall of the Jasmine Tea House. Clinton’s photo is everywhere, because he eats everywhere, eventually. In this case, takeout, and he still managed the photo op with the chef. Restaurant LuLu.

The new blue bins make it very difficult to scrounge for bottles. If you live in a town with open blue recycling bins, save your bottles now for brewing later. Collecting is part of the overall Reduce Reuse Recycle program. Glass is an energy-intensive industry and with the rising cost of energy the cost of raw glass increases. Drink & recycle or recycle and then drink. It’s all the same in the new global outlook.

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