Eve’s Plum

The first rule of brewing is “turn off your goddamn cellphone.” Cell phones are an amazing invention, and if you go to the fields of Vietnam you will see farmers in rural areas off dirt roads guiding their oxen tilling the soil and chatting on their phones. No power lines, no municipal water supply, maybe no indoor plumbing. No natural gas hookups into their stoves, but they have cell phones! That is an amazing thing no matter which angle you choose to view it from.

Now, in our society we have a seemingly insatiable need to possess and use the “latest technology,” no matter what that means and anyone who doesn’t completely embrace it is considered a luddite or backwards, old-fashioned is probably the politest general term used. Right now the cellphone is, contrary to the marketing, causing everyone to become disconnected. Disconnected from each other obviously. We see groups of two, three, even four people walking down the sidewalk and every one of them has a cellphone up to their ear.

The main thing that technology disconnects us from is nature. Automotive technology allows us to become spectators of nature instead of experiencing it firsthand, we can see it while listening to the stereophonic technology embedded in our dashboards. Modern medical technology tries to convince us that we are smarter than nature, and furthering us to believe we exist separately from nature. We are part of nature whether we want to believe it or not. This basic knowledge has helped guide culture and tradition and rituals for thousands of years.

When talking on the telephone, the main sense used is hearing, sight becomes secondary, and smell is dead last, touch is not even a consideration. Taste? No. Giving attention to a phone conversation means you are not participating in the immediate situation around you, the birds, the clouds, the smell of spring now in the air. Every moment we are alive is an absolute miracle and that is worth remembering, especially during difficult times. It’s really all gravy after that. Enjoy that gravy.

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