My Life With Backpack

I am 9 years old and my school has discontinued the use of lockers on school grounds. I walk through a metal detector when entering the school and the sight of police officers in my school is common. I try to be a good student and study and pay attention in class and because of this I carry all my books back and forth from home to school on a daily basis.

Is it really good for my body, which is not fully formed, to be bearing the weight of a backpack? My muscles are not anywhere near fully formed and my bones are still growing, and my classmates refuse to listen when I explain how to properly adjust their backpacks to be more comfortable.

Some of my classmates carry laptops in addition to their books. Will we be backpacking adults or will this be over when I get out of school? Women still have elastic bands around their shoulders and rib cages, and I wonder what that does to the body over the long-term. From what I can see the men carry briefcases, does this eventually make them lopsided?

– printed with parental permission

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