One Dollar One Vote

No one has mentioned this in a while so it is worth a current reconsideration. The concept of One Dollar = One Vote. Every penny you spend is endorsing something and reinforcing something.

Examine every single purchase and attempt to do some research, which is not always easy even in this age of information overload. Does your one dollar stay in your local economy or does it get transferred to some faceless corporate office somewhere? It’s actually quite fun and a major geography lesson to attempt to trace things.

Look at the tags on your clothing when you get dressed and notice that your clothing has traveled more than you have! How far did your food travel to get to your table? There are entire websites devoted to that one. If you add sugar to your coffee while in Hawaii sitting next to the cane fields, you may be surprised to hear that the raw cane was shipped to the mainland and processed into the individual packet, then shipped back. One vote.

Studies have been conducted on transactions and in economies where the money circulates locally for a while before heading out of town, the economy is stronger and the standard of living higher. Lamenting the loss of the local Mom & Pop stores has become a national pasttime but the majority voted with their dollars to create this situation. The small locally owned businesses still employ more people in this country than the big multinationals and the job growth has always been higher in the smaller businesses.

This information shows up in the business section of the newspaper several times a year but is greatly overshadowed by the daily news of the giant conglomerates and never discussed as One Dollar One Vote. Support what you believe in and don’t give your money to things you don’t want to support. Please vote often at SF Brewcraft!!

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