When I was young, we used to have a saying, “to get some culture.” Well it wasn’t our expression exactly, we were mimicking what was a common phrase used by the adults, and still makes me think of picking apples. Going out and hand selecting “culture apples” for your childrens’ cultural-awareness raising. Very much a better ending to the Adam & Eve story.

It seems mystical to think of influencing your own children in what you believe to be a spiritual direction. Of course that’s not what happens, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. You really cannot predict what a child will remember or what you can do in the present moment to have some major positive impact for the life of the child/future adult.

The reality is that everything comes out over time so relax and enjoy the flow and do the best you can and laugh enough and touch enough and feel the warmpth of the sun on your face (for a little Vitamin D). Your daily actions will take care of everything.

One of those daily actions is participating in the culture. Brewing may well be the basis for all agrarian civilization. Imagine our ancestors only stopped being nomadic in order to grow the grains necessary to ferment beverages. It’s time to settle down… and brew something!

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