Thinking about making wine this fall? Need an experienced partner?

I’m looking for a partner in crime for the upcoming wine season.

Here’s the deal:

I need to work with someone who has a garage, basement, or other cellar type space (somewhat constant temp between 50-60) as I want to make wine this fall but live in a studio (not really condusive to winemaking).

What can I offer you? I’ve been making wine for two years, work at the store helping home winemakers, have an educational background in chemistry, and am about to start studying winemaking at UC Davis this fall. I’m familiar with chemical wine analysis, different winemaking processes, and can provide ALL of the equipment needed from start to finish. I also have relationships with several growers in wine country and can get some really nice grapes el cheapo. I even have a big van we could use to transport the grapes back to your place. I can help guide you through all the steps of primary and secondary fermentation, aging, stabilizing, and bottling. In short, I’ll help take the anxiety out of the process.

So really, all you need is a willingness to make good wine and a space. We’d split the cost of grapes, chemicals, bottles, corks, and a used barrel. So make sure to have a little scratch. I’m looking to do at least one full 60 barrel gallon of red, possibly more….Don’t forget we’ll also be splitting the wine.

If you’re interested I work at the store most Sundays and Mondays or email me at


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