Seasonal Beverages – Future Brews

Brewing beer is an activity that encourages you to think of the future, because what you are cooking up will not be consumed until some time in the future. Not too far into the future, though. Six weeks to 2 months, 6 months, or maybe even a few years if you have the patience. So what will you be doing then? Who will you share the beer with? What else will be going on?

No matter, do what the ancients did, brew with the seasons in mind. Right now we have entered the Vernal Equinox. Capitalized because it is important. Tonight was the full moon. Brew for the near future, late spring and early summer. A nice pale ale is good all year round, but especially so during the longer days and increasing warmth of the approaching summer. Hefeweizen is a good young beer and so is the Lawnmower Ale. Your bodily increase in metabolism may ensure greater demand and you may notice faster fermentation brought on by the increasing temperatures. Brew it now, drink it soon.

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