Solar Cooking

Homebrewing attracts a large percentage of people who have a Do It Yourself approach to many aspects of life. This hobby inspires a lot of them to also pursue other activities. Gardening, astronomy, baking, composting. We are still an agrarian civilization and participating in it is pretty well built into our DNA.

Of course, it also occurs where some other activity unfolds towards fermentation. Whatever the entry point, there is no doubt it leads one to become more curious. We have a suggestion for a not so new curiosity. Solar cooking. The cookers are ridiculously easy to make, or consider donating some money to Solar Cooking International, where the price includes a solar cooker for you and cookers for a refugee camp in Kenya.

Rising cost of natural gas? Who cares? Get some more cardboard and foil and Elmer’s Glue-all. Forget Elmer’s, let’s make our own glue. What?? Isn’t there a piece of plexiglass out in the garage? After the cooker, let’s go all out and put in a greenhouse room! Yea!

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