Always turn off the stove before you add your grain bag to the pot.

Turning off the stovetop greatly diminishes the chance of your grain bag being scorched by/to the bottom of your pot. Burnt cotton is but a drag, melted polyester on the bottom surface of your pot is a major mess requiring great expenditures of elbow grease to clean and remove. It’s not worth the hassle, TURN OFF THE STOVETOP.

Add the bag, wait the requisite 45-60 minutes, remove the bag. Dip in & out, in & out, up & down, all around. When completely finished, remove the grain bag and Turn The Stove Back On.

Place the bag on a plate or a wide bowl and let the remaining sugars drain out. Add this saturated sugar solution to the wort as you boil, or just collect it and drink it. Barley tea is good for the gut, in case you need a healthy incentive.

Grain bag is synonymous with “tea bag,” “cheesecloth,” “pantyhose,” “cock sock,” “pecker warmer,” “paneer sac,” “all-natural hairnet,” and “suet bags,” among others. Please submit suggestions.

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  1. You’ll need some scrotum trousers to match that cock sock.

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